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Specialised Vaccinations

Meningococcal Meningitis

(Traveling to Africa, Nepal, India, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia and Mauritius)

Meningococcal Meningitis is caused by a number of bacteria. Contracted it could be one of the most serious bacterial diseases and can be fatal. The disease could be transmitted from person to person by direct contact or by respiratory droplets (Air borne due to coughing and sneezing). Vaccination with ACWY strain can protect you against this form of disease.

Japanese Encephalitis

(Traveling to Asia, South East Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Western Pacific and Northern Part of Australia)

Japanese Encephalitis is a viral infection transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes, contracted the mortality rate of this disease is very high, as this disease is mainly zoonosis prevalent for people who intend to work in the farms and with the animals, or traveling for long duration for business or extended travel are strongly advised to have this vaccination. As this vaccination requires a series of two injections, plan early for this before your departure.

Yellow Fever

(Traveling to East, West and Central Africa and South America)

Yellow Fever mainly spreads from the bite of infected mosquitoes. travellers are strongly advised to vaccinate against this disease and a vaccination certificate from the approved centre is essential to re-enter the country. as this vaccination cannot be given with some vaccinations, it is best to seek travel vaccination advise well before the departure Yellow Fever vaccination has to be administered by approved Centres only and valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate essential to travel.


(Traveling to Africa, Indian Subcontinent, Europe, North and South America)

Rabies is characteristically transmitted by the bite or scratch from rabid infected animals. If contracted rabies is fatal disease. People who are traveling for extended period and visiting villages or intending to work in farms and animals are strongly advised to have this prophylactic anti-rabies vaccination. As this vaccination involves a series of three vaccinations it is recommended to plan ahead for this vaccination.

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