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Things To Do While Travelling

Avoid Mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Do not go near or touch animals. Seek medical support for a post treatment for Rabies bite immediately if bitten, scratched or licked on an open wound.

Take precautions when eating and drinking.

  • Eat safely – Cook it, peel it or leave it
  • Avoid ice creams, especially from street vendors
  • Drink bottled water or canned soft drinks. Avoid ice cubes.
  • See our fact sheet on eating and drinking overseas

Practice good hygiene.

  • Don’t brush your teeth in tap water or dirty water
  • Wash hands before eating and after going to the bathroom

Apply sunscreen and/or insect repellent regularly.

Accidents kill more travellers than infectious diseases.

  • Respect local customs and laws
  • Observe speed limits
  • Wear seatbelts / helmets
  • Avoid night driving

Practice safe sex. Always use a condom. HIV is still a major risk.

Keep your shoes on when outside.

Seek medical advice immediately if you develop a fever.

Things To Do When You Return

Have a check up on return if you are sick in any way.

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