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Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) is Flavi virus Infection transmitted by Mosquitoes.

JE is predominantly present in South East Asia, Indian subcontinent China, Japan, Pacific and Oceanic islands and Korean peninsula Pigs and Birds act host for this virus Mosquitoes biting these animals or birds and then biting the human being transmit the disease.

The disease is more prevalent in rainy season and in the rural area where piggeries and Birds activities are prominent. 

Contracted the disease could carry mortality rate of 60% to 65%  JE vaccine is recommended for the long term and also short term traveller depending on their nature of travel and the season they are travelling to the endemic area.

Japanese encephalitis used in our centre is inactivated JE vaccination-(Vera cell) called "Jespect". Same vaccine is marketed in Europe and North America as "Ixiora"  JE vaccine is course of Two Injection given 21 to 28 days apart  As this disease is predominantly mosquito borne those who are mosquito bite prone is strongly advice to take this vaccine and also to the long term travellers.

In some countries like china they use Mice brain derived live vaccine Jespect –JE vaccine used in Australia is inactivated vaccine.

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